Movie Talk: Pumpkin Pie Wars

Pumpkin Pie Wars
Starring Julie Gonzalo and Eric Aragon

I just finished watching Pumpkin Pie Wars. It’s part of the Hallmark Fall romance movies, and this sure was amazing.

It’s about a feud between two former best friends, Faye and Lydia, who had a fall-out ten years ago during their local Pumpkin Pie contest. Since then they didn’t get along or even really explain or apologize to each other, instead they carried the feud on for years, TEN WHOLE YEARS…that’s a long time…

Now their children – and co-workers – Casey and Sam, are set to carry on the rivalry as they go head-to-head in the same contest. Casey because her mother Faye sprained her ankle and the doctor told her to stay off the foot for quite a long time, and Sam because his mother Lydia wanted to pass the ‘legacy’ to him, in her words ‘Pass him the baton’.

There’s only one problem for these two people who are supposed to hate each other: they start to fall in love. They did start out trying to carry on the hatred their mothers had, but along the way, Sam helped teach Casey how to bake (she was 0% good in the kitchen and almost burned down the store), and she in return helped him project a 5 year work plan for his business idea.

What I find really concerning here is how a feud, a fight, a misunderstanding can be dragged on for so long, and one even ends up bringing other people in, like family, children who know zero percent of what happened, and they don’t even want to be included in this family feud.

The best thing is to try as much as possible to talk things out, and match the scattered puzzles together, so you and the other person can have a clear picture of what’s going on, and you resolve everything in the best way.

Carrying feuds and stuff like that for long can cause heart aches if left unresolved, it’s really not healthy, not for your mental, emotional and physical health. We really have to take care of these things

That’s my take on this movie, as I said in my first blog post, I’m a huge fan of movies, most especially, RomCom, and HallMark has like (to me) the best movies ever, for each season. It’s amazing.

This really is a Must-Watch movie.

downloadHope you enjoyed that and remember, ‘Live your life, alive’.

P.s. Plot summary gotten from imdb.



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