Story Behind My Lyrics: What Happened To Us

In my last blog post I told you guys that I’m a lyricist and that I’ll be posting about my lyrics. Here’s the first one and my most recent too. I just finished it. It’s like 12:36 am right now. Enjoy 🙂

Lyrics: What Happened To Us

‘What Happened To Us’ is about a girl talking about her lover.

Verse 1:
I remember the late night calls
Knocks on the bathroom door
You asking if I’m okay
I remember your messed up hair
And your feet still bare
As you tried to stop me from leaving
Pre Chorus:
What happened to us
What happened to us
What happened to us
What happened to us
She keeps recalling how they used to be and how he would hold unto her and always try his best to keep her by his side, but suddenly, he stopped, and she was wondering ‘What happened to us’.
He’s not acting the same way anymore and whenever she tries to talk to him or ask him questions, he’s never there. She then recalls how their past used to be, how they were so in love and would be making love and how they were peaceful at heart.
What happened to us
(How could we fade so easily)
What happened to us
(How could you make my heart bleed)
What happened us
(How could you throw it cause of greed)
What happened to us…

Now, he comes home late, rumor has it that he’s seeing the another girl in town. She also recalls how they were both struggling to make it when they just got here. But he threw her away for greed.


The last two weeks
We were just talking ‘bout our lives
About wanting to stay a while
Past four months
We were both knocking on doors
Trying to find our way through
This cold lone world

She talks about how they used to try and make it through the music world and in life for a long while. This part kinda tears me up, because it’s like he abandoned her for someone else…and that’s hurtful and painful…you’re left with memories that are no longer reality, that keeps playing over and over like a broken record…

You know when trying to make it in the music world, different opportunities come from different people. I know it’s not easy, trust me…I know.

At some point, alot of people will offer to help you out to make you ‘the next big thing’ one way or make you be like no other, but be careful, the person that helps you can either make you or break you. There’s no short cut to success. No matter how fast and easily you climb, you can always fall down so easily and even faster.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t accept any help or stay like a lone island and try to sort things out on your own, that wouldn’t work at all. Consider your pros and cons before you take such steps. Don’t throw away your lover for fame, you’ll have fame, but no one to share it with. You’ll have the love of your fans, but you’d still be lonely.

Hold on to the ones who’ve helped you, through thick and thin, people who stuck to you even when you were at your lowest, people who tried to make you smile when sadness, frustration, dejection and disappointment swept over you. Those people are your real family.

And this not just limited to the music world alone, it applies to every area of our lives.
At times good advise doesn’t come when you need it, but when you remember it…it sure will come handy the moment you need it.

To read my full lyrics, you can check it out on my facebook page:

P.S. It was inspired by Narshville, the series.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading, looking forward to posting more.



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