I was reading a recent blog post by Chris Nicolas, and it really made me think about life, and being true to others too.

Another reason I started this blog (there are so many reasons) is because I needed an outlet for my feelings, thoughts, emotions and a way to express myself to people.

I just started blogging, and I just wanted to say to my readers that I’ll always try my best to be honest and true about what I post here, especially about my feelings, thoughts and emotions.

I know it’s going to be hard, because normally I’m a private person and I tend to just express myself deeply to my best friend and my sister_from_another_mother.


I also use music to express how I feel, that’s how I started writing lyrics and writing in general also. I needed a way to show the world my emotions and also write things that people might not have the right words to say, or right way to express themselves in a way that the other person would understand me. Kind of like a voice for the voices….that kind of thing.

I’m really looking forward to sharing more about my life with my readers.



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