Lies, why?!


I really don’t understand why people lie to each other and think it’s right, or it’s safe and it wouldn’t hurt the other person’s feelings. A lie is a lie, no matter how big or small and yes, it will hurt like a bitch when the truth gets out.

When someone you trust, love and believe in lies to you, it’s like you aren’t worth knowing the truth or that they can’t handle the truth. Everyone one has to face the truth in oder to live in this world.


I remember my first boyfriend. We met through the phone, I know it’s crazy. He called a wrong number; me. And he heard my voice and liked it. Night after night, we kept talking and after a while of being friends he asked me to be his Valentine like a week before 14th February. And I finally said yes, and soon after we started dating.

During that time, I was beginning to sense that something wasn’t right, because his best friend, was my friend and I was really surprised to find out that they knew each other, because this guy, my ex (let’s call him Mr.X) said that he didn’t even know me when we spoke and that he knew no one close to me. So when my friend his best friend told me that they knew each other I flipped out. I confronted him, and he kept on lying to me, giving me lame excuses. I’m a person that always wants to hear the truth, from everyone, especially people I love and care about.

Mr.X kept telling me I was overreacting, and that they just know each other because they attended the same school. I rested my case for a while, but my friends kept telling me something was fishy with Mr.X, and I could sense it too.

Time and time again I would confront him, wanting to hear the truth from him, but just more and more lies came out.from his mouth every time he spoke.It got to a point I was fed up, and I just couldn’t handle listening to his plain lies anymore. So I broke up with him. I don’t like hearing lies when I already know the truth.

Like a year or two after, his best friend (let’s say Mr.Y) contacted me though SNS and told me the whole truth, about how everything I confronted Mr.X about was true and how he was sorry for lying to me for so long.

I confronted Mr.X again, and guess what I got? More lies. I still can’t understand why he would just keep lying and lying and the whole lying cycle again. I was tired of everything he was saying. So I cut off all contact from him.

I don’t like people lying to me. It just makes me sad and it puts me always.

I try my best to be honest with you. If I’m not going to tell you the truth, I wouldn’t even speak at all, but eventually I will. I value people who tell me the truth. Lies are disgusting to me.

People can handle the truth, it all matters on how you say it. You can either slam it on them like a rock, or lay it down little by little so they can understand what’s going on. You don’t have to lie to them. Lies bring no good.


The funny thing about people, is they make so many mistakes that can end up hurting the people around them.

I know, nobody’s perfect, or immune to doing wrong, we just have to find the right way to make things right, and be honest with each other too.

I hope you had or have a nice day readers. And if it’s not a nice day, well, tomorrows another day. Whatever you’re going through, I believe that you’ll make it through.

Don’t forget to live your life alive.



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