Story Behind My Lyrics: Randomness

Randomness was written in a state of confusion. My thoughts were jumbled up and I felt like pieces of me were scattered about and I couldn’t make a head or tail from it.

Lyrics: Randomness


In a second I’m thinking about depression, the next I’m thinking about love, then school then darkness and so on. It’s like my plugs had been pulled apart and I just didn’t know how to connect them.

Smiles turned into a sudden tragedy
The fire faded away into the dark
The laughter turned into a soulless sorrow
That even the stars were not promised for the night tomorrow

In the first verse I was talking about how happiness turned to sadness and there really didn’t seem like any hope or any light at the end of the tunnel.

Colors left behind
Are mixtures of black and white
Pictures in my head
Screaming light and dark
The sunshine turned into rays of lust
And the lover I had, was long gone

There’s this korean rapper from B.A.P. called Bang Yong Guk. It was his Instagram account that inspired the second verse. His instagram account is all black and white, you’ll hardly find colors there. While I was writing the second verse, I was just going through his Instagram and it spoke to me, if you know what I mean. ‘Colors left behind
Are mixtures of black and white‘. Since all his pictures and videos were black and white, I thought of ‘Pictures in my head Screaming light and dark‘.

But taking to you was like a domino game
Take the wrong step,
Do the wrong things
And it goes falling back again
Everything I did
Was like a domino game

I remember this friend of mine, whenever I’d talk to him, I was always being calculative. Little things would just tick him off, and whenever he was opening up to me, I was always careful about what I’d say back to him. It felt like a domino game. If you push one domino, everything else falls all in a row however they were placed. That’s how I came up with that verse. You’ll notice that almost all the verses are based on different things. That’s how I came up with a general title for all of them. Randomness.

Looks like imma be dancing away my sorrows
Drinking away my fears
Praying for days for my ‘morrow
Wiping away these tears
Praying for plains on mount ‘jaro
Turning deaf ears to these jeers

This part is talking about haters. You’ll come across them in every area of life. B if career, or relationship, you name it.

So in this verse I was talking about what I do about haters. ‘Looks like imma be dancing away my sorrows Drinking away my fears ‘. I don’t drink though, never had one and never will. ‘Praying for plains on mount ‘jaro Turning deaf ears to these jeers‘. That is about praying to God, and asking him for strength to live and not listen to the jeers of people. Someone once told me ‘If you don’t want people to be envious of you, don’t make progress. Because people will always envy those that make progress.’ That’s life.

But I can’t help but wait
I keep looking and counting the dates
I know you ain’t coming back no more
But I can’t help but wait
This part is about somebody that I used to know. A really close friend of mine…
All the laughter came crashing down in one accident
All the pain came pouncing down in extravagance
All the hate came coming down in randomness
And all the shame came a-dancing in savageness
Here it’s about losing someone or losing something you held dear to you.
Looks like our romance ends here…tonight
It’s better to watch our lives afar
Cause it’s too cruel up close
I know it sounds vain and low of life
But these are ma thoughts
And what I think tonight
I ended it with a something about a breakup between two dear lovers. It’s obvious that their love for each other had to end. This part is self explanatory.
Thanks, leave comments about your thoughts. This is my second post on the Story Behind My Lyrics. Hope you guys like ie and can also learn more about me from it too.

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