Writers Block


For some weeks now, I’ve been having writers block and I hate it so bad. I started a new lyrics piece called Letters To Myself, but I’ve been really down and restless and unmotivated with all the thoughts running faster than the speed of light through my mind and not being able to catch them, pin them down, really think about them and pen them down.

My thoughts seem so scattered right now, nothing really seems right. It’s like a messed up puzzle with no guide, or a broken glass jar with no way of really placing the pieces right back where they were before.

I’m listening to Against All Odds (Glee Version). Sad songs usually calm me down and speak to my soul. It’s either I don’t know what my soul’s saying or I just can’t really feel what my body’s feeling.

Right now, I’m feeling numb. I should study cause of exams coming up in few weeks, but I feel so unmotivated and it’s really messing me up…because even the songs I know…don’t say what I feel…I really get fed up with myself when I can’t explain how I feel inside or what exactly’s going on through my mind…


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