Faith In Love


If our lips should touch it’ll all come rushing back on in,
so when I use my imagination why does it feel like such a sin?
So much space and time has gone by, still I prepare myself for the climb
because you’ve built up your wall so high, making it harder for me to get back inside.
But I won’t throw it all to the wind,
I’ll pick my ladder up and try again,
since I saw tears in your eyes it let me know I’m still a thought in your mind that swims.
Don’t drown me out with a cold cold heart,
Oh no,  don’t let the space get so wide
to the point that you let me fall out your heart, and no longer care that I’m not apart of your life.
Still I climb with faith in love intact to fight the feeling of anxiety, to silence the doubts when I’m feeling shut out. Then your eyes eventually remind me that love is still present, by letting your emotions that you still keep towards me show, you humble yourself and let them flow out.

(written by Apollo Hayden from hellopoetry)


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