Can’t Let Go Of You, Don’t Want To


Today doesn’t seem real,
That might be because today I can’t feel.
I can’t feel the sun, moon, or stars,
I miss the love that used to be ours.
I wish you were here,
‘Cause now in my mind your face is no longer clear,
The memories of you are almost lost.
My love and trust I have already tossed,
So when you leave,
Please promise me this time you will just let me be.
Let me be me and only me.
You always come back to haunt me, follow me everywhere,
But this time, my life no longer will I share.
Forgetting you is something I will never be able to do.
Even though I say I hate you, you know it’s because I love you.
Let me know you can’t forget me either,
When you do, I’ll know it’s true because you’re not a people pleaser.
I pray and pray to be able to let you go,
But there’s just something about you,
What? I don’t know.
When I’m with you I feel like I’m flying,
Now all I’m doing is crying.
I’m hurt and numb.
Without you now I feel so lost and dumb,
What you did to me and put me through hurt so bad.
Your love used to make me happy,
Now it makes me cold, hurt, and sad.
Every night I go to bed clutching my pillow pretending someone loves me.
I’m stuck; there’s nowhere I can run to or flee.
I have no choice; I have to keep walking on,
Like new legs on a baby fawn.
One day, someday, I’ll be free,
Free to run and walk and be fine being a lonely me.

(written by Amy Lorraine Bridges )


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