Happiness is infectious. It starts as a tingle in my fingers and toes, much like the feeling I have when I’m anxious, but instead of worrisome it’s warm. I feel it pass through me like a warm ocean wave, washing away the stress of my day to leave me refreshed inside. As the wave fades I savor the memory of its gentle touch. The feeling is a blissful evocation of time spent with you on the beach. How I loved those days when we walked on the sand and simply talked, laughed and made silly jokes. Those were the days my love, and I enjoyed every minute.

Happiness is like a radio signal that is loud one moment then gone the next. It is not always accompanied by laughter, although laughter is good. Not only is happiness unpredictable most of the time, it often is a complete surprise. Happiness may last for a long while, or it may pelt us with brief flashes. We could feel it at the unexpected sight of a loved one, or at the brilliant sunset over the trees in the late evening. We may seek happiness, but it usually is a by-product. Happiness usually happens as we take action and we are on the move. We always open the door for happiness, even for a brief moment. When we are low, that brief moment of happiness can create a emotional mountain of relief.

I’m really thankful for descriptionari. That’s where I got these descriptions of what happiness feels like. Yesterday I was feeling really under the weather. But today, I’m not really sure why, but my spirits feels lifted, and lighter…and Happy. Of all the feelings I’m used to feeling, happiness is not usually one of them. I’m not a sad person and I have so many things to be thankful for and happy about. But I’m used to feeling neutral or something between happiness and sadness. It’s not exactly for a specific reason, that’s how I am.

Mitchi 🙂


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