Trying To Keep Up With Kpop + School + Minzy’s Solo Debut

So as you may or may I have not been putting up regular Blogs as I promised. I am really sorry. I just finished my exams today and boi….I have a good feeling about it 🙂

When I was back home I asked myself how do people with college lives even manage to keep up with New Kpop Videos that pop out like 24/7? I thought it was easy because back home I was able to keep up with them, and stream them for hours every single day.

But, it is not easy. I have not been able to keep up with the Kpop World at all. It is moving too fast for me and I feel like I’m sinking and everything is crazy!

I’m curently watching the new videos from Winner which is Really Really and Fool. I also saw clips of IU’s new video Palette, featuring GDragon.
IU ft. GDragon: Palette >

I also watched Minzy’s new video Ninano, from debut extended play, ‘MINZY WORK 01 UNO’. I feel like all blackjacks have been waiting for this day to come.
Minzy: Ninano >

C2kMm0k I am so proud of her. Ninano showed off her Charm and she also used her Purple Microphone on live stages and also at her showcase. I was/am a proud Blackjack and also I’m really just so proud of Minzy. She didn’t go safe with her solo debut, but she went STRONG, FIERCE, AND SEXY!!!!

I didn’t even know the video was up. I was like oh let me see if Musicworks uploaded something about Minzy and BAM IT WAS UP AND I FREAKED OUT AND I COULDN’T STOP PLAYING IT. Then I watched the reaction videos and oh my they were amazing!

I’m so proud of you Minzy. You keep doing your thing!!!!


I will really try to post more Blogs, at least once a week.

Keep listening to kpop, because it feels good!

Till next time!


A Little Something About Me

Hey guys! I’m Mitchi, and I created this blog to connect with people and share my thoughts and pieces of my day to.

I’m so excited, I’ll be going to Germany soon for school, Hallo Deutschland!!! That’s another reason I created this, so as to also share my experiences and just have fun.

I’m a lover of languages. I can speak English, French (a little bit), and German.

I love music and reading novels (Huge fan of Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, The Lunar Chronicles, I have a long long list, I’ll have to do a post separately on that). I also love watching movies and series. Genres from Mystery to RomCom, and I’m a huge fan of musicals, they’re amazing.

I love bing watching Kdramas too. If you haven’t watched a Kdrama yet, I’m telling you, you won’t regret it, maybe except for the part where you’ll send like a whole day watching 20 episodes…but it’s still worth it, trust me!

I’m currently watching Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo. It’s crazy I’m telling you. Since it’s an ongoing drama the wait is KILLING ME, the suspense is SUFFOCATING. Times without number I wish I started it after the last episode was released, then I’d be able to just bing watch it in the space of 3 days and if my internet connection is super fast, 2 days.

That’s a little something about me. Looking forward to posting more in the future.